What I’m most known for

Nickolas has established himself as a painter for three decades. He’s done many portraits which is his forte and he recently did a whole pop series of paintings of Superheroes, popular singers and celebrities both new old and deceased but what Nickolas is really becoming known for is his abstract paintings that have evolved and is his real true unique style coming out. He even has given it a name he calls it turbulism. It’s the modern expression of technology and it’s all the air waves from the electricity of the unseen world combined with real everyday things in this universe mostly seen in an aerial view. People have said it’s like cubism updated it is but not really.

Kama Sutras

Nickolas had his first one man exhibition with Gallery Neubacher where he exhibited modern kama sutra paintings depicting modern day sexuality including straight, gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, queer, fluid, polyamorous and binary sexuality. These paintings are passionate modern and fun and would look great in a bedroom or anywhere in your home.

Model in Artist’s Studio

☆☆Neeko Star☆☆ Hand painted clothes

In 2011 Nickolas started doing band painted t shirts cause he found his paintings were taking so much time and he was losing that fun spontaneity that he had from drawing and painting so he started doing fashion but the funny thing is he ended up spending just as much time hand painting t shirts, men’s shirts, pants, dresses…
One day Nickolas would love to start a fashion label he wants to call ☆☆Neeko Star☆☆ If you’re a performer or a person with a strong personality who loves fashion you can buy a one of a kind piece of clothing that no other person has.